The M.F.V. Tornamona

One less well known aspect of Joey's life was his tireless work for charity. He made endless trips to Romania, bring vanloads of aid to orphans and their carers in that country. These were undertaken mostly by Joey himself on condition that would take place before each racing season started. Joey stated that his proudest award was his OBE for charity rather than any achievement in his very successful racing career.


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On Sunday 26th May 1985, Joey, his brother Robert, Brian Reid and other passengers and crew, numbering thirteen in all, were making their way over to the Island on a converted fishing boat, the M.F.V. Tornamona. The boat struck rocks at the entrance to Strangford Lough in the early hours of the morning and sank. Joey helped to rescue the other passengers and crew all of whom were saved. Five bikes, Joey's and Reid's, were later recovered from the Lough. Fortunately Joey's works Hondas had arrived at the Island by another route. The incident would have been enough to seriously de-tune many a rider but Joey seemed to shrug it off and went on to have his most successful TT yet.


Watch the BBC video about the sinking - Robert Dunlop remembers the moment when Joey told him that something was wrong.













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