A Poem for Joey

The poem that Donna Dunlop read at her Father Joey's Funeral .......


The Yellow Helmet stood out bright



To Daddy


To people you were a number 1,
to me you were a daddy,
To people you were a quiet person,
to me you liked to party.

The smile of yours was real,
nothing there was false,
The knight in shining armour,
was always in a rush.

The yellow helmet stood out bright,
The number 3 there too,
The Honda always shone out light,
but you always remained true.

Now you know why Jim called you the gurk
On that face you have that smirk
Up the paddock you'd go for a walk
But then the folk would start to gawp.

You hated the publicity,
you liked to go your own pace,
The only thing I have to say,
I know you loved to race.

The only thing you ever wanted,
was another Formula 1,
You sure showed them you could do it,
by giving them your 24th win.

The light is on,
our hearts are pumping,
On the grandstand,
we are jumping.

The racing was your life,
you just couldn't stop,
But then again, why should you have done,
Because you were the top of the plot.

At the Ulster last year,
there was an awesome vibe,
But you sure showed David Jefferies,
on the RC45.

Our lives will never be the same,
in our hearts you will remain,
Deep in thought and in our laughter,
Because we know you were the master.

We never thought this day would come,
when we had to say good-bye,
But the memories I have of you,
God I wonder why.

You were simply the best
And we know you were better than all the rest
The only thing I'd like to say is
That you Sir Joey are all the way.


Donna Dunlop



It seemed like all of Ireland, gathered around the little church that day. Donna read her poem and people wept.


Fifty thousand mourners said goodbye........





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